Who's Who In Taloyoak
(area code 867)

Section 1:     Government


Royal Canadian Mounted Police

561-5201 phone / 5094 fax

Kenny Boone


Warren Gauthier


Department of Sustainable Development 561-6231 phone / 6810 fax
Joe Ashevak Renewable Resource Officer
Health & Social Services (Judy Hill Memorial Health Center) 561-5111 phone / 5904 fax
? Nurse In Charge
? Nurse
Annie Buchan Clerk Interpreter
Mary Omeamuq Clerk Interpreter
Roger Mannilaq Community Health Representative
Iola Takolik Housekeeper
Christine Bressette Social Worker IV 561-5611 phone / 5816 fax
Denise Constantineau Social Worker I 561-5611 phone / 5816 fax
Dallas Spiller Dental Therapist (office at school) 561-5229 phone
Nunavut Arctic College 561-5371 phone / 5202 fax
Eileen Saunders Adult Educator
Hamlet Of Taloyoak
click here for Hamlet employee phone list
Hamlet Council 561-6341 phone / 5057 fax
Dennis Lyall Mayor
David Tucktoo Deputy Mayor
George Bohlender Councillor
Annie Buchan Councillor
John Mannilaq Councillor
David Nanook Councillor
Bernadette Uttaq Councillor
Kovalaq Totalik Councillor
Iola Takolik Councillor
Finance Committee
George Bohlender Chairman
Annie Buchan Member
Kovalaq Totalik Member
David Nanook Member
Housing Committee
Kovalaq Totalik Council Representative
Bessie Ashevak Member
Inuk Aiyout Member
Johnny Jr. Tucktoo Member
Nee Porter Member
Nancy Uquqtuq Member
Rebecca Aklah Member
Tony Ittunga Member
Sarah Tucktoo Member
Municipal Works Committee
David Tucktoo Council Representative
Simon Poodlat Member
Saul Kootook Member
Simon Oleekatalik Member
Robert Marqniq Member
Peter Peetooloot Member
Steve Alookee Member
Nick Uquqtuq Member
Rhoda Idlout Member
Search & Rescue Committee
David Tucktoo Council Representative
Abel Aqqaq Member
George Aklah Member
Simon Poodlat Member
Nauyaq Ugyuk Member
Sam Tulurialik Member
Simon Oleekatalik Member
Peter Peetooloot Member
David Nanook Member
Community Wellness Committee
John Mannilaq Council Representative
Anaoyok Alookee Member
Betty Brewster Member
Rhoda Nanook Member
David Aqqaq Member
Rebecca Aklah Member
Gideon Qauqjuaq Member
Sandra Lyall Member
Bessie Ashevak Member
Recreation Committee
Iola Takolik Council Representative
Louise Anaija Member
Hannah Qirqqut Member
George Aklah Member
Jojo Ashevak Member
Saul Kootook Member
Robert Marqniq Member
Kokiak Peetooloot Member
Simoon Poodlat Member
Elder & Youth Committee
Bernadette Uttaq Council Representative
Betty Brewster Member - elders
Gideon Qauqjuaq Member - elders
Mabel Kootook Member - elders
Rhoda Nanook Member - elders
Sandra Lyall Member - youth
Andy Poodlat Member - youth
Johnna Jayko Member - youth
Megan Lyall Member - youth
Justice Committee
George Bohlender Administrative Chairman
Adam Totalik Member
Anaoyok Alookee Member
David Totalik Program Delivery Chairman
Ikey Nashaooraitook Member
Inuk Aiyout Member
Arnauyok Aiyout Member
Steve Alookee Member
Nauyaq Ugyuk Member
Note:  by virtue of his position the mayor is an ex-officio member of all committees

Section 2:    Nunavut Land Claims Organizations

Kitikmeot Inuit Association    
Peter Mannilaq Community Liaison Officer 561-5206 phone / 5209 fax
Iola Takolik KIA Board Member  
Kitikmeot Corporation    
Charlie Lyall President 561-5705 phone / 5713 fax
Kitikmeot Economic Development Commission  
George Bohlender Economic Development Officer 561-5147 phone / 5143 fax
Nunavut Planning Commission    
Bob Lyall Chairman 561-6896 phone / 6897 fax

Section 3:    Community Organizations

Taloyoak Broadcasting Society Function:  Operate community radio station
Robert Marqniq Chairman  
Arnauyok Alookee Vice Chairman  
George Bohlender Secretary Treasurer  
James Saittuq Director  
Linda Tucktoo Director  
Gideon Qauqjuaq Director  
Arnauyok Aiyout Director  
Ikpigiqatigiit Katimayiit Function:  Raise & distribute funds for compassionate travel
Elizabeth Anaija President  
James Saittuq Vice President  
Mary Neeveacheak Treasurer  
Lucy Tulurialik Secretary  
Taloyoak Inuhuktut Katimayiit Function:  Youth group
Inniitait Society Function:  Daycare
- vacant - President  
Louise Aqqaq Vice President  
George Bohlender Secretary Treasurer  
Julie Sarasin Director  
Linda Tucktoo Director  
Alice Koayaot Director  
Mona Pauloosie Director  
Beverly Kingmeaqtuq Director  
Vata Pauloosie Director  
Kublu Tucktoo Director  
Denise Constantineau Director  
Mary Aleekee Neeveacheak Director  
District Education Authority Function:  Administer local education funding
  Vice Chairman  
  Secretary Treasurer  
Inniutit Women's Group Function:  Women's group; operate crisis shelter
Vestry Committee Function:  Church administration
Spence Bay HTO Function:  Hunters & Trappers Organization
David Tucktoo Chairman  
  Vice Chairman  
  Secretary Treasurer  
Martha Quqqiaq Secretary Manager  


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