Hamlet Of Taloyoak

General Information

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(photo:  G. Bohlender 06/98)

Background & Administration

The Hamlet Of Taloyoak was incorporated as a municipality under the NWT Hamlets Act on July 1, 1976.  The day-to-day affairs of the community are managed by the Hamlet's senior administrative officer (SAO) who takes direction from an elected mayor and council.

Mayor and Council

Hamlet operations are guided by a council comprised of eight councillors and a mayor, elected during municipal elections held on the first Monday in December.  The mayor is elected for a two-year term, while councillors are elected for either one year or two.   The council meets at 4pm on the first and third Tuesdays of every month (except June and July:  one meeting per month), in council chambers located at the Hamlet office.  For a list of the current mayor and council,
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Phone List

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