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Taloyoak:  Businesses

Northern Stores Inc.

NSILocale.jpg (17646 bytes)
(photo:  G. Bohlender 06/98)

Northern sells food and dry goods.  Current hours of operation are Monday to Thursday (10am to 12:30pm, and 1:30pm to 6pm); Friday (1pm to 6pm, and 7pm to 8:30pm); and Saturday (12:30pm to 4:30pm).  The store is closed on Sundays and holidays.   Northern accepts VISA, MC, Northern cards, and Interac (debit cards).  The store is located next to the Boothia Inn at the eastern end of the community.  For more information, contact the store at 867-561-5121 phone or 867-561-5708 fax.

Paleajook Co-Op Ltd.

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(photo:  G. Bohlender 06/98)

The Co-Op store sells food, dry goods, and locally made carvings.  Current hours of operation are Monday to Thursday (10am to 12:30pm, and 1:30pm to 6pm); Friday (10am to 12:30pm, and 1pm to 8pm); and Saturday (1pm to 5pm).  The store is closed Sundays and holidays.  The Co-Op accepts VISA, MC, and Interac (debit cards) for purchases.   In addition to retail sales, the Co-Op also operates the local post office and cable TV service.  Hours of operation for the post office are Monday to Friday (1:30pm to 4:30pm).  For more information, contact the Co-Op directly at 867-561-5221 phone or 867-561-5603 fax.  The Co-Op is located along the main road, at the west end of the community.

Taluq Designs Ltd.

Taluq.jpg (11595 bytes)
(photo:  G. Bohlender 06/98)

Taluq Designs Ltd. manufactures the famous "Spence Bay Packing Dolls", which have been produced in the community since the early 1970s.  Taluq is owned by the Netsilikmeot Anakakvik Producer's Co-Op and the NWT Development Corporation and has been operating from a modern production facility since 1995.  In addition to the packing dolls, Taluq produces a range of stuffed animal products, and they can custom make items upon request.  Taluq also sells items produced by other subsidiaries of the NWT Development Corporation (Ivalu, Uqqurmiut Arts & Crafts, Fort MacPherson Tent and Canvas, and Aklavik Furs).  Hours of operation are September to May (Monday to Friday, 9am to noon, and 1pm to 5pm), and June through August (by appointment only).   For more information, contact Taluq Designs Ltd. at 867-561-5280 or 867-561-6500 fax.  The store is located on the main road, beside the IBC building, and across from the Paleajook Co-Op, at the west end of the community.

Lyall Enterprises Ltd.

WaterTruck.jpg (14431 bytes)
(photo:  G. Bohlender 06/98)

Lyall Enterprises Ltd. provides water and sewage services to the community under contract to the Hamlet.  Other services include operation of the gas station, fuel delivery, heavy equipment contracting, sealift freight delivery, and general contracting (though a related company Gyr Construction Ltd.).  For more information, contact Lyall Enterprises Ltd. at 867-561-5571 phone.

Spence Bay Hunters & Trappers Organization (HTO)

The Spence Bay HTO is the organization representing local hunters and trappers.  The HTO's activities include guiding polar bear sport hunts, sales of country meat and fish, assisting in delivery of the Nunavut Hunter Support Program, involvement in wildlife studies, and general wildlife management in the Taloyoak area.   For more information, contact the HTO at 867-561-5066 phone or fax.  The HTO is located along the main road, past the Co-Op and Taluq Designs, at the west end of the community.

Polarnet Inc.

Polarnet is the community's Internet Service Provider.  The company began providing local Internet access in November 1998.  Access is available through dial-up modem lines (maximum 33.6Kbps speed), or by a remote wireless connection (maximum 2Mbps speed).  Email accounts are also available.  For more information, contact Polarnet at 867-561-5319 phone or 867-561-5209 fax.  Polarnet's office is located in the Boothia Inn.

Paniloo Enterprises

Paniloo Enterprises specializes in general contracting, and the delivery of first aid training courses (St. John Ambulance and Red Cross).  For more information, contact Tim or Anne Marie Paniloo at 867-561-6886 phone or fax.