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Taloyoak:  Accommodations

The town has two hotels.  They are the Paleajook Co-Op Hotel, owned and operated by the Paleajook Co-Op, and Boothia Inn, a privately owned hotel.

Paleajook Co-Op Hotel

The Co-Op hotel can accommodate 14 guests in 7 rooms.  Rates are $160 per night which includes meals.  The hotel accepts VISA, MC, and DC/EnRoute.  For more information, contact Inns North at 1-888-866-6784.  You may also contact the hotel directly at 867-561-5803 phone or 867-561-5603 fax.  The hotel also houses the Taloyoak offices of the Nunavut Planning Commission.  The Co-Op hotel is located along the main road in the center of town, the second building east of the Hamlet building.

CoopHotel.jpg (11619 bytes)
(photo:  G. Bohlender 06/98)

Boothia Inn

The Boothia Inn can accommodate 17 guests in 7 rooms.  Rates are $225/night (excluding meals); The hotel accepts VISA only.  Several organizations have offices in the hotel:  Kitikmeot Inuit Association, Kitikmeot Corporation, Polarnet, and the Kitikmeot Economic Development Commission.  For more information, contact the hotel directly at 867-561-5300 phone or 867-561-5318 fax.   The Boothia Inn is located at the top of a hill overlooking the harbor, on the road to Northern Stores at the east end of the community.

BoothiaInn.jpg (14015 bytes)
(photo:  G. Bohlender 06/98)