Do you like Ski-dooing??

Kugaaruq is perhaps one of the best spots on earth if you like to drive your "machine".  Wide open spaces on the land and on the ocean allow  us to travel over the frozen snow and ice to our hearts content. Spring is  the best  time to go ski-dooing because it is not quite so cold.  

Around town, the snowmobile is our primary means of travel.  Every home has at least one ski-doo, and they are the machines that take us to the Co-op store,  the post office, or where ever else we want to go if we don't want to walk.  During the short summer all-terrain-cycles takes us around.

Snowmobiles and sleds

like this one carry our

gear onto the land and

bring back the game we


There must be a

meeting of some group

happening at the Hamlet

Office.  Or is it bingo

in the gym?