We Are Trilingual

In Kugaaruk, English is our second language.  Our first language is Inuktitut.   It is written using the English alphabet but its is also written in syllabics as well.  Below is George Ningark.  He speaks and writes the two languages very well and spends his days helping us learn and remember our native tongue.  He has posters like this one all over the school to help us.  This poster demonstrates the syllabic symbols.

George is also the person in school who  maintains our computer lab and  keeps all of the computers in school up and running.  George is a very talented artist and craftsman.  One of his drawings can be seen below.  He is certainly a man of many talents.


This sign for Nunavut Arctic College is a great

example of both syllabics and English letters

used to write in Inuktitut.

Original art work by George Ningark, Kugaaruk, Nunavut.

The syllabics at bottom right are his signature.