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  Around School

    Kugaardjuq School has 185 students enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 10.  In order to graduate, senior high students must go to live in larger communities, such as Gjoa Haven and Cambridge Bay, where there is a complete high school program.  Eventually, Kugaardjuq School will offer classes all the way up to Grade 12, so no one will have to leave home to graduate.

A few words from our Principals

Yummy! Yummy! School Scenery The Kindergarten Class
All Aboard!!!! Our Computer Lab P1 in Action
Our Library William Party Time
Staff Photo Inuktitut at work Our Gym and Arena

School Projects and Events

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A Few Words from Co-principals Jeff McGinn and Tom Money

Welcome to Kugaardjuq School's very first Website. Thank you for taking an interest in our school and our Arctic home, Kugaaruk. We designed this Website to help teach people about our students and school, to discover the history of Pelly Bay, and so that others could find out a little bit about life in the Canadian North.

As you can see by the pictures, Kugaardjuq School is a fun place for everybody. Not only do our kids study Math, Language Arts and Science, but we also learn about our own culture and traditions, the Inuit way of life. Local elders and parents are very important in our school. In Kugaaruk, everybody is a teacher!

Kugaaruk is a fun place to live as well as work. In the summer and fall, everybody goes to their camp where they fish and hunt. The winter is very cold and dark, but winter means hockey season is here. As the days get warmer and spring arrives, everybody jumps on their ski-doos and head out to fish and hunt seal. You will never get bored in Pelly Bay.

We hope you enjoy our Website.

A special thanks to our resident "Webhead" Elroy Grandy for his hard work designing our internet site.

Jeff McGinn and Tom Money (School Administration)

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 Around Town

    Kugaaruk is located at 68.32N by 89.49W on the southwest shore of the Simpson Peninsula On the map of Canada, we are on the east side of Pelly Bay at the mouth of the Peter River in the new Territory of Nunavut.  The town has a population of 542.   Kugaaruk is growing very fast.  Almost everyone who lives in Kugaaruk are Inuit.  Click the links below for a tour of our little town.
The Pierre Henri Center A History Lesson Shopping and Services
Our Heritage Ski doo Country Pictures of  Kugaaruk
Summer in Kugaaruk Kids will be Kids If you like fishing.......
Our Health Center Our Historic Church Ships and Groceries

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