The school museum is like a glimpse into the past. It shows the ways that Inuit people lived.

This is a bag of animal bones. It was used for a variety of games. Inuit enjoy playing games during the long winter in the igloo.

Games "such as bone bags (coastal - seal fipper bones; inland - caribou feet bones)" were played (Inuuqatigiit, 1996).

"There was friendly competition and people were encouraged not to get too serious or upset when someone was better than you." (Inuuqatigiit,1996)

These are kamiks or skin boots. Women sewed kamiks using seal skin or caribou skin. They used sinew for thread.

"It was critical that a woman learned to sew well. . . If a man froze any part of his body, it was blamed on the woman's inability to sew properly." (Inuuqatigiit,1996)