Mary Ittunga - Our Hero!



My Hero

My hero is Mary (Ooveeeloo), Aknanguyak, Kalinguyak, Iyyunga my stepmother. She was born at Fort Ross on May 10th, 1939. She got married on April 13, 1957 with Tony, Uttuqi Sanililuaq Tinguk Ittunga. He was born at Arctic Bay on April 1st,1937. Mary is my hero because when I was one years old I had a seizure, and she brought me to the Nursing Station (Health Center) immediately because I couldn't breath. My face was very purple. I am very happy she brought me to the Nursing Station immediately. I am happy to live! I love my stepmother Mary Ittunga very, very much with all my heart!!

By Melanie Uttuqi Sanililuaq Tinguk I.