1998 - 1999 J3 Class



This is the class that collected the data for this Project. In pairs, they took photos and interviewed an elder, then wrote up the information, and finally, used a wordprocessor and the internet to publish the data. The homeroom teacher, and the coordinator was Emily Angulalik. Click to read what she has to say about the Project.

From left to right in the left stairway, behind their teacher, the students are:(front row) Leah Nasharaitook, Viola Neeveacheak, Joan Neeveacheak (second row) Clara Tucktoo, Lena Mannilaq, Lisa Ohiktook, (right stairway, front row) Peter Aqqaq, J. B. Idlout, (second row) Kevin Tucktoo, Gerald Ikadliyuk (third row) Patrick Lyall, Jacob Jayko, Trevor Tulurialik (Back row) Victor Ugyuk, Chuck Pizzo-Lyall.


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