J3 Teacher, Emily Angulalik


The Calendar Project

Done by Emily Angulalik and the students of J3

This Elders Calendar Project was a Grassroots Project that was conducted by me and the students of J3, here in Taloyoak. The purpose of this Project was to enhance the use of our Inuit language and seek wisdom and advice from the local elders of Taloyoak. Through interviewing and taking photographs of the elders, the students were able to visit with them and hear stories that were told. Some of these questions were personal and came only from the ideas of the students. A questionnaire format was used to interview them. Creating an elders calendar will be a good way to show the children the stories and photographs of their grandparents in a way where they are able to keep and cherish their project. This project was quite an experience for both myself and the students. It was worth it!