Elders Adam Totalik and wife Philomina


Adam Totalik was born in 1924 on a lake named Netsilik. He is 75 years old. He and his wife have seven children. Adam says it was fun in the old days. When people got sick in the old days, the shamans were there to help them get better. He says that school is very important for his children and grandchildren. He says things have changed nowadays. He is happy about the new Nunavut Government and hopes things will get better. He thinks that the young people are loosing their culture and tradition and wants to see it revived.


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Philomina Arqnahaak Totalik was born on February 8 but cannot recall the year. She has seven children with here husband, Adam, and they are all grown up now. She enjoyed the old days when she was younger. When people were sick they would take care of each other and they had no medecine. She is very happy about the Nunavut Government because the Inuit People will take more ownership. In the old days, when they wanted to get married, they would choose who they wanted to live with. Philomina wants children to have school every day. She fells that the young people are losing their culture and traditions and would like them to practice their Inuktitut more.


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