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2001 Kitikmoet Regional Science Fair Judging Form

Three Categories:

1. Experiment: Investigations designed to test one or more hypotheses

2. Study: A collection and analysis of data showing evidence of a correlation, pattern or stiuation of scientific interest. Variables have been identified and controlled.

3. Innovation: Development and evaluation of models or innovative devices, using techniques or approaches from the fields of technology, engineering or computers.

Part A: The Display


  • Is the workmanship neat and carefully done?
  • Is the lettering neat and spelling correct?
  • Is the display and layout complete, logical and self-explanatory?
  • Is the content clearly presented?

Dramatic Value:

  • Is the display pleasing to view and balanced?
  • Does the display capture your attention?
  • Does the display make good use of colour and contrast?
  • Do the display, table and backboard all complement each other?

Bilingual Elements:

  • Does the display have both Innuinqtun, Inuktitut, and English?
  • Are translations balnanced and understandable?

Part B: The Report

  • Does the Report contain: Background, Purpose, Hypothesis (if applicable), Proeceudre, Results, Conclusions and Acknowledgements?
  • Is the report well-written (free of grammar and spelling errors) and neatly typed?
  • Does the report accurately summarize the project?

Part C: Scientific Thought

  • Experiment
  • Study
  • Innovation

Evaluation Criteria

Equipment: How sophisticated, appropriate and well constructed is the apparatus?

Observations: How extensive is the data and number of trials?

Analysis: Do the conclusions correlate well with the purpose?

Discussion: Does the report include any discussion of experimental errors and possible applications?

Part D: The Interview


  • Was the student fluent, logical, poised, enthusiastic and confident?

Part E: Northern Applicability

    • Does the topic relate to the North
    • Is the project or approach unique?
    • Were unique tools/equipment used?
    • Overall impression?


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