One of our General Stores

The Northern Store is one of two shopping outlets in town.  The other is the Paleajook Co-op Store. Both have grocery and clothing departments.  Both bring in large amounts of groceries during the summer for sale during the winter. During the winter,. fresh fruit and vegetables are flown in by First Air.  Below the picture is a sample price list of some basic groceries.  

Sliced white Bread $2.69
Potatoes  (red or white) $3.10  per kg.
Bananas $4.29 per kg.
apples $4.49 per kg.
Burns Bacon   $6.49 per 500 gm.
Large eggs $3.49
Carnation Milk (385 ml tin.) $2.39
Carnation Powdered Milk (500 gm box makes 1/2 litre) $7.49
Dairyland Fresh milk  (2 litre bottle) $7.79
Robin Hood Flour (5 kg) $16.59
Nescafe Instant Coffee  (100 gm bottle) $8.39
Rogers Granulated Sugar  (2 kg) $6.09
Chicken wings  (per kg) $9.19
Blade steak  (per kg) $9.94
Hamburger Paddies   (per kg) $8.19
Frozen FiveAlive Concentrated Juice   $2.65