Volume 3 Issue 1

September / October 1999

Page 4



Ken Boone

Interview with Ken Boone

by:Ainslie Boone and Mary Rose Karoo

Ken Boone arrived to Taloyoak on August 10, 1998. He was born in New Waterford, Nova Scotia. Ken works at the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. At work he likes to help people with problems. He also investigate crimes and the best part of his job is the excitement when everything is going on. Ken also takes finger prints to identify the people that commit crimes and match the fingerprints.

Parker Kennedy

Interview with Parker Kennedy

By Nancy Aqqaq

Parker Kennedy is an investigator. He moved here to Taloyoak on August 10, 1999. He moved here from Bridgetown, Nova Scotia. He is born in Tangier, Nova Scotia. When asked if he ever put any of his family or friends in court, he said: “No because I have never lived where my family lives and my friends have never done anything wrong.” He likes talking to people and gathering evidence. He wanted to help people and he wanted to travel and live in new places. Parker says that it is not hard to become an R.C.M.P., but it takes a lot of training and you need to be able to complete high school and take the R.C.M.P. course in Regina.


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