Volume 3 Issue 1

September / October 1999

Page 3


New Faces Around Town

Maureen Tourino

Welcome to Taloyoak Maureen Tourino!!

By:Johnna Jayko

Maureen Tourino is an Adult Educator at Nunavut Arctic College. She found out about this job advertised in a newspaper in Saskatoon. She arrived in Taloyoak on 17th of August. She came from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She is originally from Kingston, Jamaica. She finished school at Kingston and went to Canada for University. She came to Canada living with her grandma and auntie. Maureen likes to meet new students, and would like to help her students reach their goals. She loves the beautiful scenery around Taloyoak. She likes to meet new people. Also, she likes and enjoys teaching. It is her first time in the North. Her favourite colours are blue and yellow. Her favourite food are berries. Maureen, I hope you like and enjoy your stay in Taloyoak.

By: Johnna Jayko

Birgitta Al-issa is a Supervisor of Social Programs. She arrived in Taloyoak in September. She found out about this job on the Social Work Newsletter. She went to the north and picked this job because she was interested in the new territory, Nunavut and also the new government. She is originally from Helsinki, Finland. She also lived in Calgary, Alberta. Birgitta likes, to meet a lot of people. She hopes she can help others. What she likes about Taloyoak is the sea because she grew up by the sea in Finland. Her favourite food is rice and her favourite colour is red. Birgitta Al-issa, we hope you enjoy your stay in Taloyoak, Nunavut.

Birgitta Al-issa

Sherri Parr

By: Johnna Jayko

Sherri Parr is the Community Mental Health Worker. Sherri found out about this job from The Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper. Sherri picked this job because, “I was interested coming to the North and psychology is my favourite subject when I was in school.” She arrived in Taloyoak in the beginning of January. Sherri is from Flin Flon, Manitoba. Sherri likes meet all the people. Also, she says everybody is very friendly. Her favourite colour is blue and her favourite food are whoppers from Burger King. Whoppers are hamburgers. “I am enjoying my stay here. Everyone is being good to me.” Sherri says. Sherri left town on Sunday September 26th. Sherri will be in town on October 18, 1999.

by:Jacob Jayko

Brenda Ferros is the new Nunavut Arctic College instructor. She arrived in Taloyoak on August 27. She picked this job because it looked interesting and it would be challenging. Brenda came from Taber, Alberta. Brenda learned about this job from the newspaper.

Jacob with Brenda Ferros


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