Volume 3 Issue 1

September / October 1999

Page 2


Continued: Our New Teachers are HERE!

Our new P-2 teacher is Shirley Unguran from Cardston, Alberta.She plans on living in Taloyoak.She loves it a whole lot! She came here to teach, teach and teach some more.


Shirley Unguran

Gaetane Carignan-Guerra

Gaetane Carignan-Guerra is a new teacher. She came here Thursday July 29th ‘99. She is here to teach and encourage students. She has been teaching for 3 years.The thing she likes best about teaching is meeting new students and learning from them.
Anne Pinchin came here July 29th, ‘99. Anne is the J4 Teacher. She came here to teach. She was born in Vancouver Island B.C. She has been teaching for 30 years. She likes to see people learning. She also has 3 sons.

Anne Pinchin

Obed Duru

Obed Duru came in on August 19,1999. He likes to read and listen to music . His home town is Edmonton. He likes how the people smile in Taloyoak. He is here ,as long as his wife, his students , and his employers are happy. Obed is teaching in the Junior High and Senior High.
Nancy Macgregor is a new teacher in Taloyoak. She been teaching for along time. She like’s listening to the students quietly working. She teaches J1. Nancy came in August 1999.

Nancy Macgregor

Gerald Odynski is teaching the Junior Three class. This is Gerald’s first year teaching. He has come from Edmonton, Alberta. Gerald says he loves the north and enjoys working with kids.


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