Volume 3 Issue 1

September / October 1999

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Our New Teachers are HERE!

Our new P-3 teacher is Leah Handford and she teaches Primary 3. She doesn’t know when she will be leaving. She came here because she wanted to live in Nunavut and she also wanted to see a polar bear. Before she lived here she lived in Edmonton, Alberta.*

Leah Handford

Dorothy Harder

Our new Program support teacher is Dorothy Harder from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She came here to learn about Nunavut and learn about being a PST. It seemed like an adventure to her so she came up, but unfortunately she left her family for the job. “I like here, it’s different. I enjoy the people; they’re very friendly. The arctic has it’s own kind of beauty,” says Dorothy.She will be leaving in May 2000. She also likes it a whole lot!*

*By: Megan Pizzo-Lyall

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