Byron exiting the igloo.

Jigging for lake trout.

Lena and Natalie make a snow shelter.



Culture Day

by Rebecca

Culture Day Our first day in Taloyoak and we were outside with all the students from their school. We went around in groups and played games like, snow soccer and caribou skipping. Caribou skipping was fun, but you feel all the time because your boots were so heavy and the caribou would take your feet out. All in all it was a good way to get oriented with the area. Also the kids were so funny and cute.

Teen Dance

by Cam

The Teen Dance was very fun and very interesting. I was really surprised to see how friendly the girls were. They are surprisingly strong for their age. I made a lot of friends that night but sadly I didn't do a whole lot of dancing more of a run and hide kind of thing. The music was good and the games were fun it was a great dance.

Lena, Rebecca and Natalie. Bundled up for fun!

Margery and Shane are nice and warm inside the igloo.

Rebecca tries the caribou skipping game.

Students sitting inside our seal and caribou skin tent. This tent was recently made the traditional way by elders.

Tug of War in the snow!