Friendships across cultures and landscapes.

It's a long, long way!


Travel Going South (from Taloyoak to Invermere):

  1. Taloyoak to Yellowknife by First Air
  2. Yellowknife to Edmonton by First Air
  3. Overnight in Edmonton at the Nisku Inn
  4. Edmonton to Calgary by Air Canada
  5. Calgary to Invermere by Cardinal Coaches bus

Travel Going North (from Invermere to Taloyoak):

  1. Invermere to Calgary by Cardinal Coaches bus
  2. Calgary to Edmonton by Air Canada
  3. Edmonton to Yellowknife by First Air
  4. Yellowknife to Gjoa Haven, then Taloyoak by First Air

For more information about the communities check these sites:

Taloyoak, Nunavut

Invermere, British Columbia