Rebecca, playing aggag. This is a hand / eye coordination game.

Ryan, demonstrating the Alaskan high kick.

Playing the chain game.

Patrick and Natalie doing the muskox push.

Trevor and Victor doing the neck pull.

Inuit Games Night

by Rebecca

Inuit Games For one evening we had the oppurtunity to participate in a variety of Inuit games. I enjoyed playing these games especially muscox fighting, and high kicking. We were all amazed with Patricks ability to kick very high.


Robert and Patrick competeing in the squart jump.



A quote from Katherine,

"All the games were very INTERESTING and fun."


Matt and Natalie doing the arm pull.

Rebecca and Matt doing the back push.

Trevor and Victor doing the finger pull.


Sandra and Catherine doing a hand pull using two piece of antler tied together with sinew..

Patrick doing the one-foot high kick. The night's record kick was close to seven feet!

Nancy and Courtney doing the stick pull.

Rebecca doing the one hand reach


Matt trying the airplane.

Ryan and Scott doing the head push.