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The group at the Saddle Dome.


Lucinen Hot Springs and Fairmount Hot Springs

We visited a quite a few hot springs on our trip to Invermere. The Lucinen Hot Springs is a natural hot springs. There were people swimming in the natural pools but only some of our group were brave enough to put their feet in the water. It was cool to see the warm water coming out of the mountain.

Later we visited the Fairmount Hot Springs. It was so big that it even had a diving board. It was a lot of fun and we really had fun swimming in the hot pool!

Toby Theatre

by Isabelle

On Friday night we all went to the Toby Theater and watched a movie called "Finding Forrester". The theatre was quite different from the ones I've been to before.It had carpet on the walls. There were lots of video covers all along the entrance. In the middle of the movie there was a break, an intermission. I was quite surprised that there was a break. The movie was interesting and I like it. Sean Connery is a good actor.



The Calgary Saddle Dome!

Calgary Flames against New Jersey Devils Hockey Game

We were extremely excited to go to a real NHL game. Most of us had only seen hockey games on T.V. so seeing our heros play live was a dream come true! Although Calgary lost, a few members of our group were ready to cheer on the New Jersey Devils. Mark, in particular, had a hair-raising cheer for the Devils. It was great!

The gang getting ready to cheer on their teams!