Fun To The End!


Picnic at the Invermere lakeside park. Mountains in the distance - a great lunch!

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Hike to the Falls

One of our final excursions was a hike down to a falls. We followed Mr. Trask down a very steep and slippery decline to view a beautiful falls. Luckily we all make the descent but we almost lost a few along the way. Megan learned not to sit on stumps with pine sap on it - poor Meg! Mark learned not to hug spring trees too hard either. It was really nice in the bush and we got a good look at the falls.

Natalie with a moss beard. Our little hobbit!

Another group shot. Luckily we all got down to the falls. Now we just have to get ourselves back up the icy trail without losing anyone.

Mark - will he get a strike or a gutter ball?

Valley Alley Bowling

by Nancy

We went bowling at the Valley Alley. It was my first time bowling. We had to wear funny shoes. There were five pins to knock down. I got a spare but no strikes. They played music and put on the neon lights while we bowled. Courtney, Leah and Margery were on my team. Margery or Courtney did the best. I only had 64 points. I really had fun. I wish to go back.

Deborah showing a 'Strike!'

Radium Hot Springs

by Sandra

Our last adventure, and the last time we were together as a group, was at Radium Hot Springs. The water was so comfortable and so relaxing. We were all caught up in the moment of friendship. Our late night swim was so cool. We filled the pool! Unfortunately, the old people found us a little loud. The lifeguard (a guy the boys call 'god' because of his voice over the intercom and all the steam in the pool) told us to be quiet and respect the old people's privacy. It was either that or leave. After that we because prunes with shriveled fingers and toes. It was really weird because after my swim, I got all emotional . I cried but not enough that anyone knew. We said our good byes to Mr. Kopp when he gave us our souvenir toques. It was a great ending to our trip!

Synchronized swimming?

Patrick's trip to Emergency

by Patrick

My trip to the hospital was fun and sore at the same time. I had to all of these tests. I went to the hospital four hours before we had out trip back home. I started feeling sick on the last day and the doctor said I had pneumonia. The pills really knocked me out. I think my trip to the hospital was one of the funniest. When Sandra and Rebecca went to go see me, the Doctor kicked them out.

Nancy's lunch at the Calgary Tower

by Nancy

My billet, Margery and her mom Sharon took me for lunch up the Calgary Tower. The Calgary Tower rotated around while we ate. From the Top we could see many houses. There was even a house with a happy face on the roof! We could see the Saddle Dome from the tower. We saw cars and a really long train. We had really good food there!