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Getting ready to watch the slide show with pictures of their northern trip.

Farewell Dinner at the School

Our final dinner together was held at the school the night we returned from our camping trip. It was great to be together as a group for this last time. Two parents put the dinner together and we ate like we had never eaten before. Turkey, char, salads, vegetables, rolls and more! We saw another slide show with the photos of our trip in Taloyoak. It was really fun to watch the pictures of our friends as they were bundled up for the winter weather. There were some funny shots too!


After the dinner, we played more Inuit games but this time they were party games using dice. We sat in a circle and passed the dice around. We chose a number, say 7, and the person who rolled this number had to either pick up as many sock rings or pop tabs (depending on the game) as they can before the next person rolls the key number. It was a fun race and some of the students were getting really agressive in a fun way.

Cam playing a dice game with socks.

Rebecca - a winner for the least socks to be slid over her hands.



Playing a dice game that uses popcan tabs to resemble berries. The person who picks the most berries when they roll the correct number wins.

Skiing and Sliding

Our last morning together was spent skiing and sliding. Deborah took her three huskies out for us to try skijoring - that is skiing while tied to a dog! We had a great time even though we ended up on our bottoms some of the time. It was a great day and the last time we would be outside in the Arctic. It was fun!


Playing a dice game that uses a Sears Catalogue.

Rebecca and Koonook share a cushion in the tent.

Skiing and Sliding

by Natalie

On our last day, before we left on the plane, we went to a big hill just outside of town, to go sliding. Most people walked to the hill but Rebecca and I got to try cross country skiing with a dog pulling each of us. It was so much fun, but neither of us could stay on our feet for long, and the dogs weren't impressed with our clumsiness. We sledded from the top of a big hill, and flew down to the bottom. We donŐt have hills like that (without the obstacle of trees) in Invermere for sledding, so it was a really neat experience.

Matt, harnessed up and ready to do some skijoring.

Using the dogs for skijoring to the hill

Cam gets ready for a bit of skijoring. The dogs will pull him while he skis along behind.


Sliding can be done in many ways. This time the student use a large sled. Most sliders just use their bottoms or a good tobaggon.

Megan on the skidoo.