Brady is dressed in caribou fur to stay warm.

Getting ready to leave by loading the kamotiqs.

Rebecca is jigging for fish.

Mr. Kopp catches two lake trout!



Fishing Trip to the Lake On-The-Side-Of-Middle-Lake

On the third day while we were in Nunavut we went on an awesome fishing trip. We all loaded onto either our billet families kamotiq or a friends and rode to Middle Lake. We then set up at two different places. Isabelle, her family and myself as well as Megan, Victor, Katherine and Cam and their parents set up slightly closer to the shore then the rest of the group and it seemed to pay off! Everyone caught lots of fish, even I had a nibble, which I unfortunately lost! It was an awesome view from the top of a hill that we climbed up that day and I had a lot of fun!

by Holly

Scott and Brady are sharing a fishing hole.

Peter arrives to the fishing camp. He is skijoring using three huskies.

Scott is travelling by skidoo and kamotiq.


Sitting on the hill on fishing day.

Playing Inuit baseball.

Travelling by skidoo.