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A view of the Panorama ski hill. It's a long way up!

Panorama - by Leah

What I liked about Panorama was when we were skiing. First the practice slope from the Magic Carpet and then a hill that wasn't too steep. Finally we tried the mountain. We went almost to the top of the mountain andit was scary but fun going down. It was too steep for me but when we were half way down I was going faster and faster. I made it down with the help of Natalie's mom. She help ed me and she told me what to do. It was great!


Skiing at Panorama

by Sandra

Skiing at Panorama was the most exciting adventure for us. Although Kublu only spent a little time on the slopes, the rest of us took our chances on the chair lift. It was cool because the girls had the guts to skil down the mountain. If someone ever asks me what was the most memorable moment, I'd have to say it was the view from the very top of the mountain just as I was about to ski down. Wow!


Lena, showing us how it's done!

Megan with new goggles.

Victor with a new Panorama toque.

Lena on the downhill slopes!

Shopping at Chinook Mall

The boys, hanging out at the sports store.

Later, they take a trip up the escalator.

Cam taking a break from the shopping while Cam and Natalie check out the bargains.


Shop 'til you drop!

Swimming at the hotel in Canmore - Fun on the Waterslide!

This is not legal!

Banff Gondola Lift and Shopping in Banff

We were all pretty apprehensive when we were standing at the bottom of the mountain waiting for our turn to go up the gondola lift. It was so scary when we watched the building and cars get smaller and smaller as we moved up the mountain side. Every once in awhile the car would bump as it went over the supports - scary! Once we were at the top, I was suprised to see a restaurant! We had something to eat and looked out the windows at the beautiful view. It was really something to see. Going down was interesting too and we saw a man walking down a trail to the bottom. That must take a long time. I'm glad we took the gondola down instead. Apparently Victor's car had an interesting trip down the mountain. . . maybe you should ask 'Stinky' what made it so interesting.. .hah, hah!