Seeing the Sights

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Cave and Basin Tour

by Megan

Cave and Basin: The cave has a pool; to be specific, it has a hot spring (sulfur) pool. Three miners -Bill, Tom and (an other guy I don't remember) first discovered this sulfur hot spring. All of a sudden, while they were hiking around, one of the guys stepped in water and it was warm! This was in November. They followed this warm little creek and they smelled this sulfur smell. They found this hole in a ground and go in on this tree. They find this pool that was naturally created from this pond and the warmth of the earth. They used this as a money maker and raised a lot of money for the pitiful rail road. They had built this hotel place that is now a museum. It was at this place that I found out all of this information. You should go and see it. It's called the cave and basin tour.

Luxor Museum First Nations (in Banff)

We visited a couple really interesting museum. They had stuffed wild animals and cool mannequins. It was neat to see some of the things that First Nations People in the BC region traditionally used. The Sun Dance with the warrior swinging around the pole looks really dangerous! I'm glad that they didn't do this type of ceremony in the Inuit culture.

The Indian headdress was very fun to wear. Everyone had a chance!



Windermere Pioneer Museum

The Windermere Pioneer Museum was another really interesting place to visit. The museum lady let us try a lot of the things she had for display. Megan and some of the others even smeared red ocher on their faces just like the Indian tribes of the south did in the past. There was a neat organ to play and some other pioneer building to visit. Sandra and some of the other girls enjoyed the pioneer school house and the general store. It was really neat to see these old item restored for the museum.

Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory

by Megan

The Old Spaghetti Factory: The name says it all. The most memorable part of that dinner was my friends and the fun they created. They were fooling around with this waiter, Derek. My friends thought that he was pretty cute, so they started fooling and got the chaperone to see if Derek could come back to Invermere in their back packs. Mr. Kopp tells Derek that he could go and live in one of the girl's houses. He reacted very oddly and asked the legal age for marriage. She lied about her age and asked him to marry her. The girls got their picture taken with him; they were satisfied by just a photo together. They also gave him a fake number (told him it was fake of course).My other girlfriend innovated this food thing, spaghetti bread. Its awesome because its a bread boat with spaghetti in it. The spaghetti factory is a great place to dine out and harass the waiters while you eat. Ha, ha, ha!

Holly with the newest food craze - Spaghetti Bread! You first. . .