Holly and Isabelle peek out before leaving for camp.

Rebecca and Catherine wait in the loaded sled to leave.

Scott is toasty warm in his caribou parka.



Sleeping in the igloo

by Cam

Sleeping in the igloo was the coolest thing that I have ever done and I would like to do it again. I was really surprised at how quiet it was in there and how warm it got. To see the light shine through the cracks in the snow was very cool. In the morning when I got out of the igloo I felt like an astronaut making my first step out of the space shuttle and onto a new planet. I had a really good sleep that night. This was the best trip that I have ever been on.

Girls warm up in the tent.

Two Night Camping Trip at the end of Middle Lake

by Scott.

Our camping trip to Middle lake was a lot of fun, we traveled there by ski-doo and kamatiq. When we got to our destination we set up tents, cooked supper and some people fished, only a few people caught fish. The next afternoon some of the guides set nets underneath the ice for fish, the next day they checked the net and they had caught eight arctic char. I liked the trip out on the land the best I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

Setting Nets

by Holly

On our fishing trip one of the guides, Simon, set up fishing nets underneath of the ice. He drilled one hole and then drilled another hole about 15 m away. He then put in a little 'submarine' which carried a role from one hole to the other, it was the coolest thing! Then carefully with help they pulled the nets through the first hole until they reached the second hole. We then all waited hoping lots of fish would be caught, and on the last day we found this to be true! When Simon started pulling out the nets there was the biggest fish caught in the nets! There was 8 that had been caught in total. The fish looked so good that myself as well as Katherine, Brady and Natalie all brought home one frozen to share with our families. They were so good!

Brady cuts snowblocks for his snow wall

Travelling by skidoo and komatiq.

Waving goodbye.



Igloo Building

by Matt

The first time I witnessed someone building an igloo, I didnŐt pay much attention. I had no idea how difficult it was. I thought it was a breeze. I asked some of the kids my age in the town if they had built an igloo before and they quickly dismissed the matter by saying NO. I thought that the quick dismissal of the matter was because it was easy. Upon trying it myself I learned it was quite the contrary. Sure, anyone can create rectangular shaped blocks of compact snow and stack them on each other but that is exactly what it is, a stack of compact block on each other. After the first hour of my attempt to create an igloo I stepped back to admire my creation but when I got a good look at what I had made I gained great admiration for any man that could build an igloo. My building of snow was a cylinder and a sad looking cylinder at that. Any attempt to start the walls to come in on each other seemed futile. If I had stacked a block any more than a few degrees off ninety it would fall to my feet and break. This sad excuse for a structure, which took well over an hour to make and my clumsy hands were far from the geometrically perfect domes that the skilled hands of the elders could create in less than half and hour!

Matt and Lena help Mannilaq (Lena's grandfather) set up camp


Scott comes out of his sleeping bag for a piece of bannock.

A pile of bannock, ready for eating.

Simon sets fishing nets using a submarine to crawl underneath the ice and pull the nets to a second hole. He will check them about every three days.

Catherine and Rebecca dip into a tent for a cup of hot chocolate.

Mr.Kopp enjoying his time in the tent.

Mr. Trask trying to catch a big fish by jigging.





Mr. Trask and Cam climb to the top of the hill.