Just Arrived!

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Get to know you games at the school

When we first arrived in Invermere, we were all strangers. A few of us had conversed online by email but overall, we didn't know each other at all. Courtney led us in a few ice-breaker games. Some of them were really silly but they got us laughing and talking. It was fun.

The cooperative chair moving game.

The Plunger Swing.

Victor and Courtney swinging the ball around the plunger. Apparently the plungers are new. . . we hope!

Megan is holding a wallhanging that was given to DTSS as a gift from Netsilik School

BBQ at Rebecca's

by Nancy

The first night we arrived in Invermere, we all met at Rebecca's house for a BBQ. It was like a welcome to us from them. We had pop, burgers, green ketchup (!!), and more good food. It was fun at the BBQ. We started talking more to each other and laughing together. After the BBQ, we headed to the dance.

Much Music Dance

by Lena

We went to a video dance! It was really cool! Almost everybody went there. It was really fun! It was a small gym with two big screens. The music was loud. The music played and the video was shown while we danced. It was neat to see the videos of my favourite songs. I danced in a small group with Cam, Megan and Sandra. I wish we could have a video dance in Taloyoak!

Fisher's Cabin at White Swan Lake

by Trevor

I got to the cabin early (8:00 am!) because I was billeted with Scott Fisher and his mother wanted to get ready for everyone to come. I started taking photos as soon as I got there. We had to chop wood for the fire and weiner roast. The rest of the students arrived at the cabin later. Some went ice fishing on the lake. Some stayed in the cabin and played cards. It was fun to see their cabin in the mountains. The weiners were good too!