Lead dog, Cola, comes for a visit.

Polar husky, Cola, enjoys a bit of attention from the crowd.

Paul and Mille share their experiences working with dogs and on the trail.

Arctic Blast - Dogteamer's Visit


by Katherine Baker

While DTSS was up in Taloyoak visting and experincing many new events and games, they had the pleasure of meeting Paul and Mille. These are the members of the Arctic Blast team, travelling across the Arctic by dog sled. Their permanent residence is in the United States, Minnesota. We had the chance to meet all of their dogs and find out about what they eat. Of course it didn't sound too appetizing, a chunk of something or other that contained 4000-5000 calories. It looked like a frozen chunk of butter!! But it kept the dogs energized and warm enough to survive the cold northern winds. While we were down feeding all 20 dogs, they have 32 at home, we got to sign their sleds; leave a permanent mark for them to remember us by.

Nancy and Margery pet Cola.

Mille and Paul are travelling using two dogsleds of 10 dogs each.They started at Churchill, MB and will finish at Grise Ford, NU. They use their experience and knowledge to create educational products for schools all over the world. Check out their web site!

Feeding the dogs on the team. This is Spank, the alpha dog of the kennel.

Dogs on the team.