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We take great pride in our work to ensure that each and every doll and accessory we

make is done with the same quality, craftsmanship and originality that has been

passed down  through generations and tradition.  After all, we were all children at one



             Packing Polar Bears  Limited Edition Dolls  

             Eliktaq Fur dolls        Walking Duffle Polar Bears

             Polar Bear Puppets   Fleece Standing Polar Bears

             Plush Polar Bears      Stroud Embroidered Slippers and Mitts

             Polar Bear Coasters  Christmas Tree Ornaments

Packing Polar Bear

Designs by renowned doll maker, Peeteekootee Ugyuk, Taluq's packing polar bear is a re-creation of a traditional doll and is a sought after collector's item. the packing bears, made from 100% wool duffle, are softly stuffed animal dolls dress in a miniature version of an authentic, hand-embroidered woman's amaut - a parka  which allows a baby to be carried (or packed) comfortably and warmly on the back.  These bears are 14"  in height, meticulously handcrafted with great attention to detail and come with a brightly coloured parka.  The artist individually signs each packing bear in Inuit script.

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Limited Edition Dolls 

To complement our Packing Polar Bear, we have added a Limited Edition line of dolls. Every year, we produce only 500 of each of these dolls. In 1998, we are pleased to offer our Packing Owl and Packing Whale. Designed by Peeteekootee Ugyuk, these beautiful examples of craftsmanship are handmade - no two are exactly alike. To further ensure their Limited Edition quality, each doll comes with a special numbered card and a stitched Inuktitut signature on the foot or amaut.


Packing Owl

Our 1998 Limited Edition Owls are 11" high, with incredibly detailed embroidery and stitching.

Packing Whale

  Top Page          Our 1998 Limited Edition Packing Whales are adorable mother and child Belugas and are 18" in length.


Eliktaq Fur Dolls

Each fur doll is hand-stitched by Taloyoak artist , Eliktaq  Ikalliyuk .  The dolls are dressed in clothing from naturally coloured rabbit fur, to mimic traditional fur, and trimmed with leather fringe.  Each doll has an individually created leather face and kamiks (boots).  Most dolls are in a sitting position  and are  available in both male and female versions.  The mother doll comes with a fur-clad baby carried in its mother's amaut.

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Walking Duffle Polar Bear

Our adorable 6" walking bear is hand stitched with great attention to detail and is signed by the artist in Inuktitut syllabics.  These little fellows make a perfect northern gifts.  100% wool duffle with polyester stuffing.

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Polar Bear Puppets

This 10" cuddly polar bear is a hand puppet modeled after the Inuit symbol for pride and strength.  These puppets are designed to fit the hand of both children and adults.  Plush acrylic with polyester stuffing.

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Fleece Standing Polar Brear

This 12" long polar bear is standing on all fours and is snuggle-proof.  Can also be accessorized with our fleece scarves.  Acrylic fleece with polyester stuffing.

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Plush Polar Bears  

These playful 14" plush polar bears stand upright and comes dressed in either red 'longjohns' (complete with trap door!) or a snuggly warm fleece parka that's available in royal blue, plum, jade, or red.  Plush acrylic with polyester stuffing.

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Stroud Embroidered Slippers and Mitts

These 100% wool duffles (Stroud) slippers and mitts are beautifully hand-embroidered and lined with plush acrylic and trimmed with coloured with rabbit fur.  Available in your choice of navy, dark grey, royal blue, purple, cranberry, forest green, light grey or jade stroud. Trimmed in white, black, fawn, or grey rabbit fur.

These are available in different sizes, please include an outline drawing of your hand and/ feet with your order, to ensure a perfect fit.

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Polar Bear Coasters                                                                                                                                     Our polar bear coasters are made from 100% wool duffles that soak up spills and drips.  Four inches in diameter, blanket-stitched edging and a polyester fleece appliqued bear on one side.  Each set of four comes in red, royal blue,navy, forest green, grey or cranberry.

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Christmas Tree Ornaments

Stroud Mittens and Stocking Ornaments

These 4" ornaments are made from 100% wool stroud in green or red .  Hand stitched edges.

Arctic Wildlife Ornaments

These hand stitched owls, seals, and whale ornaments are made of 100% wool duffle with polyester stuffing.

Size approximately 4 to 5 1/2".

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