Taloyoak 1999
Ted's Visit
Ted Nolan came to Taloyoak for two and played little Hockey game.

See the students at the Netsilik School have their Christmas Concert for the last time before the New Year.

Click here Community Support Workwer and update Healthy Start Program, check it out

Spring Fishing Derby
The derby was to catch the biggest fish anywhere lake or sea, I couldn't go to other peoples so, this is with my family.

Trick or Treat 99Check out the Trick or Treaters in Taloyoak, October 31/99

Whale Hunting
They finally whale hunt in Taloyoak for how long.

The Ships are here
The Barge comes with the goodies and the Coast Guard comes with cheap soda pops ones a year.

Lost Pictures
These pictures were during Nunavut Day, see more picture.

Moses Teelktaq Pool
Preschoolers having an afternoon swim

The Northern Picnic
We had games, picture of people, and the food.

Winter Fishing Derby
See the pictures of the lake and the people that went fishing.

May Games
See what kind of games and the people that played.

Preschool Graduation
Graduating from Natsiaq Preschool and going on to Netsilik school as a Kindergarten.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier
I went on to the Coast Guard for few hours, take a look.

Photo's of Elders in Taloyoak

Kitikmeot Inuit Association had there Annual General Meeting here inTaloyoak, October 5 to 7, 1999.

Carving Samples
These carving pictures are not for sale but, samples of how the carvings look in town.

Nunavut Day
Taloyoak Nunavut Day was very fun with traditional and non-traditional games. You can check out the Igloo they built for this day.

Kitikmeot Cup
The first Kitikmeot Cup was played in our home town. All of the Kitikmeot Region were there to play. check out who won the game.

Netsilik Cup
Netsilik Cup consist of three teams (Taloyoak, Gjoa Haven, and Pelly Bay). Those are the Netsilikmeot regions.

Oldtimers Cup
30 and over oldtimers was held in our home town, check it out.

Exchange Students
Things to do when the exchange students were here.

School Bazzare
The school had a cool bazzare to raise money for the exchange trip.

E.W. Lyall Complex
Check out the Taloyoak complex. It the arena and dance hall in one.

Photo's of Taloyoak Children