More about Taloyoak

Formerly Spence Bay, (Taloyoak) meaning large caribou blind

Population over 700 people

Known for our Packing Dolls Taluq Designs

Email them and see what they have avaible, Taluq Designs

Check out carving samples, carvings not for sale

Our Netsilik School's web page, check it out, stay in school, it's cool.

Taloyoak Radio Society, Our local radio, listen to it every12:00pm and 5:30pm

Year round animals: Ring & Bearded Seals, Polar Bear, Raven, Arctic Hare, Fish arctic & lake char, trout, white, cod, Kanayuraq, Ptarmigan, Lemmings gray and brown, Wolverine, White, sometimes Black if lucky, & Cross Foxes, Erman, Muskoxen

Migratorial  & Hypernating animals: Caribou, Wolf, Duck, Geese, Seagulls, Snow Bunting & other little small birds, Snowy Owl, Falcon, Hawk, sometime Bald Eagle if lucky, Siksik, Baluga & Narwhal if lucky, Arctic Tern, Ihungngaq,

You can see the old traditional camping site, example: Near Netsilik River, there's an old stone building that has a story with it, called the Thunder House. About 10 to15 km.south of Taloyoak. If you want to visit it, you  can ask one of the local people to get a boat ride in summer.  It takes about 30 to 40 minutes boat ride.  You have to give it something that can give light like a lighter or match. It is real there.

Pictures around Taloyoak, click on the picture for Enlargement.

                    In summer, August, 1999                 Early spring, June 1999                     Local tea leaves


The ice gets about 6' to 7' thick

Winter Spring Summer Autum Pictures Polarnet