Drum Dance Workshop

This was the last day of the drum dancing workshop, hope you enjoy.

                             Repulse Bay man Luke Putulik  came to    Havik Neeveacheak just starting to dance,

                             Taloyoak and stayed at his relatives,          you can tell by the way he is standing.  If

                             Robert Qukiaq's house.                             they are standing up right, there finishing or

                                                                                              just starting to dance.  

           There's part of Taloyoak, called Disneyland, that's the  I can see this as a timeless picture because, these elder 

           newer town.                                                                don't get together often.  

          It time to relax and play some silly games.  The guy in    This game is like hot potato, if you have it and the

          the white T-shirt is ready to get the balloon.                  music stops, your out.

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