Taloyoak Fishing Derby

          These are some of the camp sites for the                    David Neeveacheak is getting ready to make

           fishing durby.                                                                  a fishing hole.

                 There's another camp site at Isuuqtuuq                    Judging for the most best fishing hook

                            at the lake.

               Eetimaknaq trying for her luck in the fishing            Saul Kootook camp site, taken around

                contest.                                                                         12:00 midnight.

                 Havik's family are packing up to fish                   After the fish were measured and the people 

                  around the lake.                                                  were getting ready to go home.

Some people stayed longer to catch more fish,

the kids took the advantage of the nice day and went sliding.

The winner was Iola Jayko, $1000.00.  40'1/2"s long for the first place.

He said the bigger one got away.

Second place, Pannina Kangoaq

Sorry I don't remember the other 5 more winners

The smallest fish was won by Eric Sittuq, $300.00

I am also, sorry for the picture of the winner I lost.

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