A Day With the Exchange Students

Andy sitting on a old ski-doo and his                                                            This is were all the activities were held

buddy sitting near him.                                                                                  for the exchange students.


Nakoqhaq the Igloo builder                                                                          The students see how it's build


The students go for a ride on a dog                                                             They go for a long ride on the dogteam,

team with one of the local team owner                                                         looks fun.


You can see that kid skipping on a                                                                Alookee is making the traditional

traditional skipping rope.                                                                               skipping rope lighter for the students.


Peetikoot is getting ready for the next                                                             Eetimangnaq is also, getting ready

students that are going in the tent.                                                                    for the next class.


Preparing for the student that are going                                                            The students are playing soccer during

to visit there tent.                                                                                            a nice day.


That's all folks

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