The fishing derby started at 5:00pm and closed at 12:00am, the rule was that they can only rod from 1 point to the other point.  You can only catch either Arctic Char or White Fish with a fishing rod.  Can't stay in a boat to cast the fishing line.

             There the people are trying there luck,      No one said that you can relax and fish  

             this was just minutes after 5:00pm.            for char or white fish.         



                 They tried all around the bay, that side is       David got my sitting spot, that's where I  

              much deeper then this side.                           usually stay when I go rodding for chars


                 This is the bay that I was talking about and    There's George and Rebbecca, I guess the 

                 the two points.                                              luck wasn't on there side that day.

                      This is were they measured the fish, few minutes after 12:00am.  Quit a few people came to see the winners.