Drum Dancing Workshop

                     Here's Iky Nahaoraichuq dancing for Taloyoak  Josie Angutinguniq from Kugaaruk, (formerly Pelly Bay)

                     and is wearing his drum dancing chothes             also danced for the crowd.  He was dancing before there

                                                                                               was TV's in the region

          The ladies in the front were the singers and they also     You can see that they too have their traditional clothing on 

          sang for their home town dancers.  They don't dance     too.  Left to Right town,  Both from Baker Lake, Gjoa Haven, 

          with one song but, they also, tell a story.                        and Kugaaruk.

         Geno Aqqaq and Josie Angutinguniq  from Kugaaruk    The gym was packed with people from town and from

         are making there final adjustment on their drum               the other communities.  

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