This man is making sleds (Qamuti) probably for his dogteam.  Here too, you can see the Igloo that we still make when we have to stay in one spot for couple days or longer.

Up to today we still use canvas tent because there light and water resistant.  The dry fish (Piffi) and the way they dry them is still in use today.

Some of these are still here today since the 19th centry just before they found the Northwest Passage.  Taloyoak is part of the Northwest Passage because, its in the Boothia Pennisula.  This is where they usually had problem trying to go to the West of the Arctic.

This is during early spring, his used a harpoon (Unaaq) to catch the seal in there breathing hole.  They can wait for hours or few minutes to catch the seals.  The seal have a lot of seal hole that they can go to, you take a chance on a seal hole you find.  Like I said before, working together will improve a chance to catch a seal or sea mammals.

We are the inventors of the Kayak (Qayaq) but, not too many younger people know how to make Qayaq's.  I do hope they will teach us before its too late.  

The way the snowman is built, it has that native style sculpture thing to it.  If you do these kinds of little thing for the kids or children, they can have fun all day.  I'm sure that man who built it, loved his children.

It seem like they are playing in early spring, today we call them spring game and we have it every year. They win

prizes and money today.  Half the town go play and win some games.  Today, the town has over 900 people in Taloyoak.

There's igloo builting ,ice chistling, and many more fun games.