Since Taloyoak started having four wheelers mostly hondas, they do not carry there children or things any more.  Very few of these elders are still around today in the community.  Must of been

wonderful to see the landscapes that they walked on.

In the past poeple had to take care of there dogteam to support there family.  Up to today, they still use them for tourist or

to go and hunt for caribou's or to go fishing.   

These guys are cutting a Walrus (Iviq) together  they can feed there family and their dogteam.  Here in Taloyoak they still

go hunting together and help each other to support their family.  Working together, will feed more people and that the fact.

This man seems to be demonstrating how the harpoon (Unaaq) should be thrown.  The Unaaq is still used today in

our community for seal hunting or other sea mammals.  They usually don't thrown the Unaaq, usually they stand for hours

waiting for the seals to pop up in the breathing hole.  

These are Inukhuk's and are still standing today.  Hunters still use them for there favorate places for hunting and fishing.

This little girl is using an Amaut (to pack there babies) to carry her puppy.  These are still used today my local women.