Here's Taloyoak before it was modernized and today few local people are still doing this.

This man is waiting for chars to go by, (char run), the chars near our town go by the shore and that's

where they wait for them  to pass by.  This man is using a fish spear, (Kakivak) they usually try and get

the bigger chars that past by.  This is still happening today and happen only during

spring just when the sea ice is starting to melt around the shore of Taloyoak.

In the early days in Taloyoak, they used to sale a lot of fur to make a living.

Its very rare to see anyone selling furs these day because, its just not enough to

make a living up here in the high north.  

Drum dancing (Qilauqruq), today is still alive and well.  But, today they have it indoors where its warm.  The elders today get cold easier because, they stay in the houses more often.  Up to today, they drum dance mostly for special occasions.   

Today they still use blinds to hunt for seal but, they still have to be very quiet to catch the


They are very few people that can do this type of spearing for fish (Naulingngiut).  I would love to learn and master this,

but it takes practice to master it.  

We are still drying fish like this today because, ones you dry the fish, it will be lighter to bring home.  

It is still a strong tradition.

We still play this game today at home or school, just because its fun.

I'll never be good as him, if you can see in the background, he caught them in about couple hours or shorter.