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Welcome to Taloyoak, (Spence Bay) In the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut. Your connection to the Central Arctic. Check out the other communities. This is coming from POLARNET, please can the Polarnet users double check there transactions, if any trouble email to this address. Polarnet Staff

Questions or comments, E-mail me Jayko Neeveacheak

Community Bulletin and Events

COMMUNITY BULLETIN- What's for sale? What's happening? Click to find out. PolarNet customers can request to enter a bulletin simply by sending an e-mail to jayko@polarnet.ca


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Taloyoak Weather

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Learn more about Taloyoak (Spence Bay), Then & Now

Black & White Pictures, in Taloyoak in the 1940's to 1970's.

Elders Centre, was built for the Elder of Taloyoak to use for their own.

Sample of Carvings, from our little community, Taloyoak.

Kitikmeot Cup, This was a good tourniment in 2002.

More Taloyoak for, during Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Taluq Designs, is known for there Packing Dolls, like, Packing Polar Bear, Packing Snowy Owl, Packing Balugas, Polar Bear Puppets, and more.

Netsilik School has Jr. high and Sr. high and Kindergarten with music classes, shop, cooking classes and more.

Taloyoak Radio Society check out Taloyoak Radio Society, they cover the local radio here in town.

Nunavut, Community Population Estimates all over
Nunavut during the 1997 to 1999.

Taloyoak Pictures 1999, 20th centry pictures in Taloyoak

Taloyoak Pictures 2000, 21st centry pictures in Taloyoak

Fishing Derby 2000 , checkout who won and how much cash they won.

Fishing Derby 2001 pictures, will be more details soon.

Inuit Games, were held in Taloyoak and they give us a good show.

More Inuit Games, there and other things going on in Taloyoak.

Fishing Derby, in Taloyoak on 2002.

Drum Dancing Workshop, was held in Taloyoak and we saw some different styles of Traditional Dancing.

Spring Games, it usually happens when there's more daylight and warmer.

Hockey Tournament , 2002 at the E.W. Lyall Complex in Taloyoak.

Christmas Games , 1999 was fun and win some prizes.

Healthy Start, is a program where new mother can have a cooking class.

Nunavut Day , it was a lot of fun and gave any one to check the Igloo out.

Outdoor Pictures, of Taloyoak and around.

Stores in Taloyoak, you can see the store and other things in Taloyoak.

Sunsets, round Taloyoak, natural sunsets.

Fishing Derby,2002 fishing derby in Taloyoak.

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