by Darrell Ohokannoak
The two ladies in the front walking are Pokok(left) and Martina(right)LEFT- Bay Chimo passengers deplane and unload. Bathurst passengers continue. Approximate st ay in Bay Chimo, 50 minutes (25 minute flight to Bathurst and 25 minute return flight to Bay Chimo)

After arriving in the community of 39 (40 now that I escorted Charlie Keyok's grandson Dillon), I was told that I had approximately one hour to complete my work before the plane returns from Bathurst Inlet enroute back to Cambridge Bay. Peter Kapolak and I quickly rushed over to the Omingmaktok Hunters and Trappers Organization where his laptop awaits us. With little time to spare, we fired up the building generator and powered up the laptop but the laptop was too cold to boot. The only solution to qui ckly warm the computer by placing it under my sweater and holding it tight for about 10 minutes.

Peter at his laptop connect at 2400 bpsRIGHT -Peter Kapolak with his laptop used to connect to the Internet via M-SAT satteli te phone. Connection speed - 2400 bps.

After warming and re-booting the computer, I tried connecting to the modem lines (one specific) at Polarnet to establish a successful connection to access Peter's email. Unfortunately, no success. The M-SAT will not connect any lower that 2400 bps. The connection to Polarnet will connect only at 1200 bps despite altering connection configurations. HOWEVER..... The connection to SSI Micro WILL connect at 2400 bps. Our temporary solution was to connect to Polarnet through SSI Micro's modems using iPass . Prior to my arrival in Bay Chimo, I was aware of this problem. In preparation to my trip, I replaced one modem with a modem used by SSI Micro and tried to establish connection to that specific modem.

Current Status: Peter is accessing his Polarnet email viaSSI Micro with the service of iPass.

Solution: Utilize iPass to connect to Polarnet ISP through SSI Micro.


Omingamaktok (Bay Chimo)
Population: 40
Transportation: walking/snowmobile (winter)/boat (summer)
Electricity: Personal generators
Municipal Services : none
Roads/Highways: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!.