Welcome to PolarNet

Polarnet is pleased to announce that we are an iPass partner and provide iPass service. iPass is an Internet roaming tool that allows you to connect to other servers around the world that are iPass Partne rs. Connection rates differ for each ISP.

Instructions for using iPass is simple:

1. DOWNLOAD the executable iPassConnect installer into a directory on your hard drive (please remember which directory).

2. Once downloading has completed...... double click on ipc-181.EXE (this will install the iPass Connect software?

3. Once the installation is complete...... double click on the iPassConnect icon.

MacIntosh Customers:

You can now DOWNLOAD the Mac Dialer.

The software will provide the cost of connection in each city (billing varies everywhere and is all in $US). iPass will invoice PolarNet for all the times you are logged on and in turn, PolarNet will add the charges to your account after converting from $US to $CAN with a 15% mark-up fee plus gst.

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