Kids Baseball Game

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Here it..... ....comes! Nothings getting past me man!
The Great White North, where the sun rises in the east and sets in the
west.... but wait.... during different times of the year, the sun will also rise in the
south and set in the south. Rise in the north and set in the north. Or does not rise or
set at all. And.... in the spring, will stay up for 24 hours a day not setting at all!
You have to come and see it to believe it!

Oh my God!  It's going right for my face! It actually curves?
Right back at you! I can play this game with one hand in my pocket! Uhgggg!
I got it!  I got it! STEEEERIKE 3! [SMACK!]
Here!  Catch! Man this glove is big! It's outta here!