Baseball Game

The baseball game consisted of two teams, Kitikmeot Corporation and Nunasi Corporation.

Nunasi Corporation: Peter Tatty, Barry Wilson, Pitsie Pfieffer, Dianne MacManus, Sarah Kunelusie, Jerry Ell, Joe Enook, Terry Forth, Fred Hunt, Chuck Lyall, Pat Lyall and Jennifer Anawak.

Kitikmeot Corporation: Keith Peterson, Charlie Lyall, Cathy Aitaok, Sheila Patterson, Glen Kilian, Sean Peterson, Dennis Kaosoni, Ronald Wilcox, Darrell Ohokannoak, and Richard Evalik.

Umpire of the game : Charlie Evalik

The game started after the big barbeque. Both teams were quite even except Kitimeot Corporation having the home field advantage. The lead was going back and forth until the last enning. Nunasi, the visiting team, won. The score was 7 to 5. Down below are photos of the game.

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Mayor, Keith Peterson throwing to Darrell, Chuck Lyall running to first Charlie Lyall:  Here goes nothing!!!! Pat Lyall:  This how you pitch bro...... Darrell Ohokannoak:  Ahhh, that was a good hit..... Jerry Ell:  Here goes another git hit....... Fred Hunt:  Did I stop the ball? Pat Lyall:  Boy, did I ever miss that ball!!!!! Sheila Patterson:  Ooooppps! Not a fishing rod.
Fred Hunt:  Someone call 911.  I have fallen and can't get up!!! Fred Hunt and Joe Enook:  Got you covered....